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Guide to Dissertation Proposal:

The very first step towards a dissertation is to build a proposal for the same. In this context, apart from the content, it is very important to have continuous dialogue with the supervisor/ mentor to make sure he understands your vision. The supervisors and mentors are way too experienced to suggest you changes that will do wonders. At times, it sounds difficult or impractical to adapt to the way the supervisor wants you to. However as said earlier, they posses much more experience and knowledge and their opinion are definitely helpful to gain the right objective for the paper. From selection of the topic to narrowing down of the same, their help can be of great effect. It is important to marrow down the aims, objectives, research design and criteria in a way that makes it sound practical as well as useful. As the paper is academic in nature, it is important to understand the time and cost limitations and plan accordingly.

A good dissertation proposal writing requires you to achieve the following:

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