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Approach to Writing a Good Dissertation:

Writing a good dissertation starts from the very selection of the topic. It is very important to select a topic that interests you rather than a topic that others want you to work on. Your interest is the key to take you long into the efforts required in doing a good dissertation or thesis.

The topic needs to be narrowed down as much as possible. It is important to be specific about the country/ region under study as well as about the industry/ demographics under study. Once this is established, one will have a complete real picture of the plan and the procedure ahead.

Once the topic is formed, the next step is to list down the aims and objectives, research questions, problem statement, hypothesis, assumptions etc. It is also important to note down the resources requirement in terms of cost as well as time. These should be very specific as it forms the backbone of the entire thesis/ dissertation.

The above mostly forms part of the introduction which is followed by an extensive literature review. Literature under study should always be recent, relevant and should be from a verified publisher. It can be reports, articles or journals or peer review papers. An extensive and critical review makes the paper half ready.

The next step is to write the methodology to be followed possibly a survey or an interview. Normally a dissertation or thesis requires an extensive primary research accompanied by a questionnaire. After this comes conducting the survey based on relevant target audience and the analysis of the results.

One must always give the conclusion based on the research problems, aims, objectives and hypothesis. Small sections like limitations, recommendations, scope for further study helps in making the paper more specific and helps the reader further the discussion.

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